The new year is still young and we used the season to go out into the snow for you.
In addition to the previous event we are planning a number of unusual activities, which is why we are currently and in the near future planning various location checks. And the first check led us into the snow.

mtn 2

We once had thick snowfall, but also blue skies and sunshine and had our ideas about planning one of the next actions confirmed.
What exactly is planned, what we are up to and where and how, we will announce at a later date. But one thing is certain: It will be really cool. But until then there is still a lot of bureaucratic and other clarification, various arrangements, planning, etc. .  

mtn 1 

So let's start the year with the further organisation of the Mai-Jam, because there is still a lot to do.

But first of all: We are looking for cameramen who are experienced in the field of nature and outdoor as well as action sports film. We are also looking for a cooperating bus or travel company.
So if you know somebody or if you are a professional yourself: please contact us.