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Frankfurt 2022 (10.+11.9.)

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 Frankfurt 2021 (18.+19.9.) 

 Character Jam

CJ21 InstaPost

This year we were guests at the Jugendhaus am Bügel in Frankfurt. Every year the Character Jam takes place there, which would have already had its 10th anniversary last year. A good reason to celebrate, although because of Corona also a year later. And so in 2021 both events took place in one jam in the youth center, and the DD12 made the name of the Character Jam also the motto for this year: Focus on Characters.

In contrast to the writer dominated DD12 events in the last years, this year all pillars of hip hop should be covered and a jam in the style of the 90s should be offered.

Participants were:


Sponsored by:

Sadt Frankfurt, Montana Cans, Malerwerkstätten Mensinger, Gerüstbau Paul, Späth Knoll Farben und Putze, ibis Hotel Frankfurt Messe West, Canpire



Frankfurt 2020 (12.+13.9.) 

 Cities and regions

Flyer2 2020

The Dirty Dozen's this year's motto was: "Cities and Regions". Basically similar to the motto in 2017.
Background was the connection to Europe, because we painted 100 more meters of wall from the company Mandausch/Reißwolf to the left of last year's wall.

As part of the concept, the participants incorporated elements of their cities, regions or homeland into the pictures.
For the first time, there was a warmup with "Nein", "Kick", "Kyle", "Payner" and "Coke" in advance, at which the bridge of 2017's even was repainted.

Participants were:

BORN CREW (Frankfurt), MISTER (Berlin), CINK (Frankfurt), AMBER (Frankfurt), RADIK.42 (Koblenz), MONKEY (Wiesbaden), BLOK SHOK (Aschaffenburg), SPEEDY (Aschaffenburg), STEN (Aschaffenburg), LONE (Wiesbaden), ZWERG (Schweiz), JMS Cutz (Schweiz)

Sponsored by:

mtn, Malerwerkstätten Mensinger, Späth Knoll Farben und Putze, ibis Hotel Frankfurt Messe West



Frankfurt 2019 (28.+29.9.) 


Flyer2a 2019

The Dirty Dozen was implementing the motto: "Europe".
The chosen 200m² spot was a facade of the Mandausch/Reißwolf company, which has been active in Frankfurt for 60 years and is one of the driving forces in commercial and private waste management and document shredding.
Within the framework of the "Europe" concept, the participants implemented their own interpretations and brought Europe to the east of Frankfurt in artistic form.

Participants were:

AMBER (Frankfurt), DON COPSA (Magdeburg), RICO79 (Halle a.d. Saale), ZWERG (Biel, Schweiz), YART & ARTIC (Dortmund), MIND ONE (Ingelheim), EMESA (Offenburg), EMBE (Gelnhausen), SIAM (Frankfurt), SEAN (Friedrichsdorf), CINK (Frankfurt),  BYTE (Frankfurt), DIES (Frankfurt), BLOK & SHOK (Aschaffenburg), SHADY (Frankfurt)

Sponsored by:

Gerüstbau Paul, Malerwerkstätten Mensinger, Späth Knoll Farben und Putze, Kannemann, Molotow, Mandausch/Reißwolf, ibis Hotel Frankfurt Messe West, Publikat, René Giese, Gaststätte "Zur Insel"


 dd12 mandausch1  20190930 160508


Frankfurt 2018 (08.+09.4.)  

Urban Jungle/Comicstrip

Flyer2 2018

In spring 2018, "The Dirty Dozen" appeared for the second time to design another large wall in Frankfurt. For this year the area of the bridge at the Ginnheimer Wäldchen had been chosen. This wall was painted again in full height and width, and once again interested parties and critics were invited to participate and talk to us about the campaign. Radio (Radio X, Antenne Frankfurt) and the press (Frankfurter Neue Presse) reported about the action before and after the event and made it public.

This year's concept was: "Urban Jungle", and the idea was to let pictures and plants grow out of the grey of the city (hence part of the painting in grey) and into the green.
This time all 12 artists were complete and spent a great weekend together.

Hauptwand  dd12 dd fb 


After the destruction of the "Urban Jungle", the wall was redesigned with a different cast. The theme in this case: "Comicstrip". The concept this time was to divide the wall into the usual boxes known from comic books, which each participant filled with a design of his choice.


The artists:

Urban Jungle: DAWO (Frankfurt), CINK (Frankfurt), RADIK, SEAN (Bad Homburg), ZACK (Frankfurt), CAESAR (Hofheim), AMBER (Frankfurt), JAY-T (Bad Vilbel), WIRED TO THE MOON, MIND21 (Hofheim), LANDSTREICHER, MONE (Bad Soden Allendorf), 

Comicstrip: KICK (Frankfurt), REDOK (Frankfurt), SEAN (Bad Homburg), CESM (Frankfurt), ETAS (Frankfurt), AMBER (Frankfurt), CINK (Frankfurt), WIRED TO THE MOON, DER SNOK (Mainz)

Sponsored by:

mtn, Gerüstbau Paul, Malerwerkstätten Mensinger, Kannemann, Brillux, ibis Hotel Frankfurt Messe West, Stylefile, Stadt Frankfurt, Writers Corner 


Frankfurt 2017 (08.4.)

From city to city - Welcome to Frankfurt

Flyer 2017

Spring in 2017 was the beginning of a recurring action to transform a space in public into art. This year the large space of one two sides of the Breitenbachbruecke, along the train line, in Frankfurt was predestined to have it's ugly beton face being transformed into an artwork. Therefore two sides of the wall have been designed in it's full height and width. With that we hoped to show that Graffiti is art and not only scribbling. Critics and interested persons had been invited to come by, watch and ask us questions.

The resonance was big and many passers-by were happy about the area which now shines in new splendour.
With the "Frankfurter Neue Presse" the press was on-site to write about this action in a nearly whole page large article in the edition of the 10th of April, 2017. Even the "Hessischer Rundfunk" was interested and asked for picture and video material.

Unfortunately only 10 of 12 planned artists took part in the kick-off-event since two writers had cancelled in short notice. Thus the Dirty Dozen couldn't live up it's name but was nevertheless able to convince by it's creativity and the result.

The artists:

STOKER (Bochum), SMOE (Warendorf), DAWO (Frankfurt), CREIS (Offenbach), AMBER (Frankfurt), ALPHA JOE (Frankfurt), AMANDA (Berlin), RICO (Frankfurt), NAME (Wittenberg)

Sponsored by:

Stadt Frankfurt, Molotow, Gerüstbaul Paul, Malerwerkstätten Mensinger, Brillux, ibis Hotel Frankfurt Messe West, Mainhattan Media Group, Stylefile, Martin Reumann


The bridge before And after