Date and location for 2020

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After we sat together with our cooperation partners, we now have more information for you.
As we already said, there will be a jam this time. And for that the date and location are fixed now.

"The Dirty Dozen" will be guest at the youth center "Am B├╝gel" in Frankfurt Bonames on 16th.+17th of May, 2020. At the same time, the "Character Jam", which is held there every year, celebrates its 10th anniversary. This is a reason to celebrate. And that is what we will do. Together with the Jugendhaus and the Character Jam. With a small but fine intercultural jam, in which, like with the Dirty Dozen, artists with different styles do a thing together. Besides classical hiphop DJs and MCs there will be singers and breakers and other dancers. Artists from other fields (jewellery, textiles, etc.) whose products have to do with Hip Hop or graffiti will have the opportunity to present and offer their work at stands. And concerning the writers' line-up: we stick to our motto: artists with different styles and oldschoolers together with the young generation. 
The number of guest writers will deliberately exceed 12 this time and we have not yet decided on the final number. Anyway, you can make something out of DD1220 (The Dirty Dozen 2020). ;)
So stay tuned.

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